Goddess In A SUV
I am a Goddess in a SUV. I cruise unapologetically down endless suburban side streets in a Ford Expedition. I have no pretenses. I am what I am. I am the mother of 12 year-old twins and the wife of an amazingly thoughtful man. My SUV is a necessity. I have twin kids, twin Labs, and twin cats. I do things in pairs. I am more than just a wife and more than just a mom. I am a dreamer, a creator, and a dancer.  My passion is teaching Nia, which is cardio “functional” fitness, to people of all ages and to help them re-discover their Body's Way.  My life's purpose is to magnetize people through movement.  My professional purpose is to teach others to heal their bodies through self-love.  

Shannon Mairs, MS

Nia Black Belt & Next Generation Trainer
5 Stages & Green Belt Certified
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